Oscar weighs in on the Gayford saga, blaming National supporters for spreading rumours

Credit: Chris Skelton/Stuff

Oscar Kightley has weighted in on the Clarke Gayford saga, pointing fingers at National supporters for spreading the rumours.

If you have a care for his opinion, the full story is here.

If not, here?s the hypocritical bit:? Quote:

Now it seems some folk will remain so incensed at not returning the party they voted for that they will actively seek the destruction and ruin of the side they don’t like throughout the entirety of the political term.? If so, then another couple of years of this is going to get tiresome and exhausting.? End of quote.

It seems Oscar is laying the blame for this political smearing squarely at the feet of National Party voters. I sincerely hope he has the evidence to back that up, else he is just as guilty of spreading nonsense rumours that he is lambasting others for doing.

Silly me, I forgot that it?s ok when the left does it.