Our carbon emmissions are causing sea levels to rise, according to treasury

I heard a talk by treasury?s chief economist the other day on how they try to plan for the country?s future. Even treasury are now pushing the scarcity agenda loved by the Greens. We were told that resources are running out and were given the example of water shortages.

Another theme for the future, apparently, is that external effects can no longer be ignored. The example given was that increasing carbon emissions are causing sea levels to rise and that will cause environmental damage.??

I used to respect treasury for taking a hard-headed rational approach to public policy, but even they now seem to have succumbed to political correctness. They are accepting highly uncertain theory and rhetoric over hard evidence.

It just so happens that Statistics New Zealand have published some good data on sea level changes in various New Zealand locations over the last century.

If the man-made global warming theory is true you would expect to see sea levels rising at an increasing rate ? but that certainly doesn?t seem to be happening in New Zealand. If anything, the rate of sea level rise appears to have waned since around 2001. Have I got something wrong?