Parents win the right to lie on their child’s birth certificate

The term mother and father on a birth certificate have a very specific meaning. The mother is the woman who gave birth to the child and the father is the man who impregnated the mother and who is the biological father of the child.

It is my understanding that if my boyfriend or husband is not the biological father of the child he cannot be legally named as the father on the birth certificate. This is because a birth certificate is a legal document and has nothing to do with who is actually going to father or mother the child in the future. It is a record of who biologically?sired the child.

As far as I know,?adoptive parents do not get to put their names on a birth certificate. Despite this, in New Zealand, a mother and her partner have been allowed to lie on a birth certificate.

A Nelson couple has made history by listing on the birth certificate a person who is not the biological mother. This ” first” opens a massive can of worms. If it is now acceptable to list someone as the mother who is not the biological mother then what is to stop people from claiming that the father is God or Brad Pitt and that the mother is Margaret Thatcher or Minnie Mouse? If there is no requirement for truth then the certificate becomes worthless.

Media, however, have missed the significance of this “first,” and are instead rolling on the ground in ecstasy because in this particular case the parents are lesbians. Quote:

The couple’s daughter was conceived using artificial reproductive technology.

A lesbian couple from Nelson appear to have been issued a first for New Zealand: a birth certificate for their daughter?with “mother” and “mother” named as parents.

Lawyer Stewart Dalley, from Auckland, represented the couple in their bid to get their daughter’s birth certificate changed, as it previously read “mother” and “other parent”.

“For some people, ‘other parent’ just carries a sort of lesser standing,” Dalley said.

“It seems a more derogatory?term, a ‘you’re the other parent, they’re the real parent’ sort of situation.”

It was a massive change to have the Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) amend its procedures, Dalley said,?so the Nelson women could both be named as “mother”, as it also had wider implications.

“It potentially affects over 1000 children who could have their birth certificates amended now.

“And the way society is progressing, l I think the other change that’s been noted is that irrespective of how a child is conceived in the future, the parents of any description will be able to select either mother, father, or parent, so that potentially impacts on transgender people …”

He said the Nelson couple, who wish to be known only as Jess and Stacy, conceived their daughter Evie?using artificial reproductive technology (ART).

In August 2017, they?sought to register her birth and for both women to be named as “mother” on the birth certificate. The DIA refused their request; claiming it could only designate the gestational parent as “mother” and her female partner as “other parent”.

This?sparked an initial complaint to the Human Rights Commission late last year, which raised the issue with the department.[…]?End of quote.

It is a dangerous world we live in when people demand as a human right,?the right to lie. An adoptive parent is factually the “other parent.” The only two people who have the right to be named as the biological parents of the child are the two people who are the biological parents of the child. If reproductive technology is involved it is actually crucial that the biological sperm donor is named on the birth certificate to avoid genetic siblings marrying siblings in the future.

A birth certificate should be about facts not feelings?which is why this is terrible legislation.