Plenty of time to visit the Queen, do photoshoots and make ads, but no time to visit Taranaki

Jacinda Ardern is news around the world all over again and, yet again, it’s for the sort of nothingness that Labour used to mock John Key over.

Since becoming prime minister she has had time for a Pacific jaunt while ignoring Fiji?? despite flying over the country twice on her trip, time for a trip to visit the Queen, time for numerous soft interviews with offshore news outlets and magazines including Vogue, The Guardian and others, and now we find out she has had time to make a viral advert. The New York Times writes😕 ?

It should be there ? right next to Australia.

But New Zealand has disappeared from the world?s maps. The country ? home to 4.7 million people ? has been left off charts displayed at the Smithsonian Institution, the Central Park Zoo, Ikea and Starbucks.

Fear not: Prime Minister?Jacinda Ardern?is on the case, if only reluctantly. A new video, created by the government?s tourism department and featuring both Ms. Ardern and the country?s trademark deadpan humor, has gone viral, racking up thousands of views by Friday just days after going online.

It is the latest in a series of videos created by New Zealand government agencies and advocacy groups that use comedy to discuss sometimes-serious topics including racism, drunken driving and homophobia.

The Message:?With sly references to New Zealand?s world-famous rugby team and wine industry, Ms. Ardern and the comedian Rhys Darby investigate a ?conspiracy.? Produced by Tourism New Zealand, the message is clear: Visit New Zealand.

Released:?May 2018

Best line:??We?re quite a fiddly looking shaped country, like a half-eaten lamb chop,? says Mr. Darby, who also calls the prime minister ?Cindy? and ?Your Highness.? End quote.

Which is all well and good, but she hasn’t had the time to go and visit the people of Taranaki who have had their major industry in the region gutted by this government.

Nor has she had time to front up to students of charter schools to tell them that, while she liked to stand next to them for photo opportunities for outstanding academic success, she prefers to do the bidding of the teacher unions and wipe their schools off the map.

We have a prime minister who is all style and no substance, and even that style is suspect with her tardis bag, ankle boots, pyjama suits and her inability to pronounce words properly.

Labour mocked John Key mercilessly for his Kiwi drawl, but Jacinda Ardern can’t even say ‘something’, instead saying ‘somethink’. It is right near the end of the viral video (2:30) that is apparently taking the world by storm. Wouldn’t it have been nice if she could actually use the right word.