Promises, promises

  1. Winter energy grant election for pensioners: promise changed
  2. Increased number of policemen: promise broken
  3. Lower doctor’s fees: promise broken
  4. Irrigation schemes: promise broken
  5. The looming cow quota: no promise broken just a possible kick in the guts for Kiwi farmers
  6. 10,000 KiwiBuild houses a year: Unable to deliver
  7. Immigration: promised 30,000 less but delivered 10,000 more
  8. 100,000,000 trees promised and so far have delivered 3
  9. No new taxes: have introduced a fuel tax and G.S.T on purchases online from overseas like Amazon
  10. Farm stock caps
  11. Ring-fencing property investment losses
  12. Heating and insulation grants: not delivered
  13. Ardern said that she was going to be for the regions but won’t visit Taranaki
  14. A government of ?relentless positivity?: Yeah Nah

Then there are the things that the government have implemented that were never promised or signalled during the election campaign:

  1. We were not?told that the oil and gas industry would be destroyed by her government.


  1. screenshot-Whaleoil