Proof that money can’t buy you an election result

Helen Clark’s government brought in the hated Electoral Finance Act as an act of political retribution after the Exclusive Brethren funded the National party. Their claims at the time were that they were trying to stop people buying elections.

There was no evidence then, and there is still no evidence, that money influences elections. Hillary Clinton added to that evidence with her recent loss in the US, and the ACT party here is persistent proof that money can’t buy you results.

The latest donations have been released by the Electoral Commission and, yet again, we have proof that money cannot buy you an election result. Newshub reports:??

The National Party officially received the most political donations during the last election campaign – raking in nearly three times the money donated to Labour.

The 2017 figures were released by the?Electoral Commission, and include loans and donations over $30,000.

The National Party was by far the clear winner, pulling in $4,579,086.44. In second place was The Opportunities Party, with $2,344,110.50.

Third place went to Labour, with $1,611,073.77, while the Greens were back on $848,468.97; however, $90,000 of this was loans.

The 2017 election saw the highest turnout of enrolled voters since 2005, at 79.8 percent.

National ended up with 56 seats, Labour 46, New Zealand First nine, the Greens eight and ACT one. Labour ended up forming the Government. End quote.

In recent years we have seen the Internet party, the Conservative party and now the TOP party spend millions of dollars trying to get elected and failing. Of course, all three parties have cartoonish leaders: Kim Dotcom, who mistakenly thought that if he was part of a political party he could avoid extradition; Colin Craig, who got the closest to getting into parliament but fell short before having to quit in disgrace once revelations of his shenanigans broke; and Gareth Morgan whose is just a ‘rent a quote’ based on the premise that because he has money people should listen to him. All failed.

Money does not buy you election results.