Rodney Local Board members’ career-ending decision

The Rodney Local Board have been hell bent on imposing a targeted rate on the people of Rodney, allegedly for infrastructure.

They are so convinced of their righteousness that they have continued to support the targeted rate to bail out Phil Goff. Despite the regional fuel tax and the increase in the fuel tax, they are pushing for the targeted rate to remain.

Yet, Rodney gets shafted by Auckland Council.??

Rodney misses out on basic services. Rodney sends vast amounts of rates to the CBD and then gets treated like a leper when it comes to getting anything back.

Imposing a target rate is going to give the Auckland Ratepayers’ Alliance an easy victory in a right-wing ward. Those on the local board who vote for the targeted rate can expect to lose their re-election, and for the ARA to run an aggressive campaign highlighting what a pack of useless socialists they are.

The targeted rate is a disgrace and the local board members who are supporting it are equally disgraceful.