Rubbish mayor also a rubbish manager

Phil Goff surely can’t be enjoying being mayor. Right now he and his office are under the hammer for playing fast and loose with the local Government Official Information and Meetings Act.

It also seems that he has annoyed most of his councillors and at the same time his staff are rubbish and his office not much better: Quote:

Auckland mayor Phil Goff’s office staff have?been found to feel the worst about working for Auckland Council.

The organisation’s latest survey found 51 per cent of its staff?were at least moderately engaged in their jobs.

However, only 22 per cent of those working in the mayor’s office?were engaged ? 8 per cent down on the previous survey 18 months prior.

A spokesperson for the mayor’s office?said its lower score was due to how its staff viewed the council and its leadership, not their own jobs.

The small office of about 15 people?scored highly in how empowered they felt in their role?and how they felt about their managers, the spokesperson said.

“Lower scores recognised that council could improve the implementation of its strategy and how the organisation can better serve Aucklanders.”

The AON Hewitt?survey measured how much the council had captured the “hearts and minds” of its staff.

Rosie?Gillott, the council’s organisational development manager, said the council wanted to be in the ANZ Top Quartile benchmark of at least 68 per cent engagement.

“Obviously there is a little bit of work to do in order to achieve 68 ? which is very much what we would like to be aiming for in the future.” End quote.

Clearly, there needs to be some remedial work done in the mayor’s office.?Quote:

The engagement survey has come to light as Goff was?under pressure, with the Ombudsman asked to look into his?refusal to give councillors a full report?on the pros and cons of a new stadium in downtown Auckland.?End quote.

It certainly looks like Phil Goff is a rubbish mayor and a rubbish manager too.