Scandals swept under the rug but not forgotten

Credit: SonovaMin

Labour and the Greens are no doubt hoping that the public have short memories. Both parties have swept major scandals under the rug that have not been resolved but they kicked the can down the road in the hope that the public would forget all about them.

We at Whaleoil have long memories and we want to know what has happened regarding the fraud of ex-Green MP Metiria Turea. Nowhere in the media have we been told how this has been resolved. Has she been prosecuted? Has she paid back the money she fraudulently?took? There is legitimate public interest in her case and her?resignation should not mean that the story is shut down and covered up.

The second scandal that is still completely unresolved and covered up is the Labour party Young Labour camp where not one but THREE underage young people were not only given unsupervised access to alcohol on unlicensed premises but they were also allegedly sexually assaulted by a young adult there.

The alleged offender has been protected by a cone of silence and somehow the Labour party have managed to completely silence the three victims. We don’t know if criminal charges have been made and it seems likely that the victims have been encouraged not to press charges just as they were encouraged not to tell their parents when the assault was first revealed.

Credit: Luke

For this serious sex scandal, Jacinda Ardern employed the strategy of announcing the hiring of a person to “look into it” as this will conveniently take three long months to complete by which time she will be on maternity leave and everyone will have forgotten about it.

Credit: Luke