Sexist comments from National bad, sexist comments from Labour OK

Newshub has made a big deal about a supposedly sexist comment made by a National MP towards Princess Cindy-pants.

They’ve conducted an “investigation” to find out who called Jacinda Ardern a “silly little girl”.

Speaker Mallard took great exception at the time: Quote:

In Parliament last week, while the Prime Minister was speaking, a National Party MP hurled a “very sexist remark” across the Chamber.

He – and yes, Newshub can confirm the remark was made by a man – called Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern a “stupid little girl.”

As soon as the comment was made, Speaker Trevor Mallard stopped proceedings in the House, calling for the person who made the “very sexist remark” to apologise.

A week later, the culprit still hasn’t owned up to the remark. If they ever do, they will have to stand in Parliament, withdraw the remark and apologise.

They will also have to face the public shame of having called the Prime Minister a “stupid little girl” in the year 2018.

At the time the comment was made, Mr Mallard said the remark wasn’t made by Leader of the Opposition Simon Bridges; “It was someone behind.” End quote.

They then go on to smear every male MP within range of Simon Bridges. The thing is, in the video you can’t even hear the exchange, and it isn’t recorded in Hansard either.

Why do I care?

Well, because the speaker did nothing about the sexist remarks towards Judith Collins by David Parker and Chris Hipkins… and those were recorded in Hansard and you can hear them on the video: Quote:

JUDITH COLLINS (National?Papakura): There is no sadder member of Parliament today than the Hon Shane Jones. We heard him just tell us how happy he is, and he couldn?t even crack a smile. He couldn?t even crack a smile because he knows?

David?Parker: I bet it?s not Botox.

Chris?Hipkins: Ha, ha!

JUDITH?COLLINS: ?he let down the people who put faith in him and in his leader to at least keep some semblance of sense with the Labour-led Government. Actually, they have been deeply disappointed. David Parker might find it very funny that people will lose their jobs in Taranaki and elsewhere in New Zealand, and apparently they?re all going to be trained, they say, in engineering. Well, what the hell for?what the hell for? What?s this infrastructure going to be for when people won?t be there any more? Taranaki has one of the highest levels of income in the country and they?re just taking it away. They?re saying here that Taranaki also, in the oil and gas industry, pays double what is the average wage in New Zealand. It is one of the highest earning sectors in New Zealand, and yet this Labour ? Greens ? New Zealand First Government wants to take that away.?End quote.

Not a mutter, not a murmur, from the speaker. No investigation from Newshub? into the sexist remarks from David Parker and girly giggles from Chris Hipkins. Nothing.

Nope. Instead they are going after a National MP who called Jacinda Ardern a silly little girl.

It appears we can’t speak of the first man, and now we can’t sledge Jacinda because she’s a sensitive wee thing. The speaker needs to get some consistency sorted out.