Seymour shows Simon how to nail Jacinda

Jacinda Ardern had a bad day yesterday in the house. She was very snarly, aggressive and nasty looking. It was very unbecoming. She really needs to chill the hell out.

Question one started off with Simon Bridges doing his usual set-up type questions and Ardern just spat and snarled across the house. She looks really ugly when she does that.

Then along came David Seymour (at 5:43) and, with just two questions, he absolutely nailed Jacinda Ardern.? ?

She walked right into it. Quote:

David Seymour: Why is the Government honouring existing irrigation contracts?

JACINDA ARDERN: Because it was in the agreement and they?re contracts.

David Seymour: Why is that different with partnership schools?

JACINDA ARDERN: We?ve given partnership schools an option, and the majority of them look to be taking it up. End quote.

That is how you do questions. A nice set up. She looked so smug plonking herself down, then the follow up question… boom.

Well done David Seymour. You managed to to show the Soy Boy how to smack up the prime minister properly.