Simon Collins pimps poor ahead of budget

Simon Collins is back at it pimping the poor ahead of the budget.

As is usual he’s picked the wrong people to use as poster children: Quote:

“Our outgoings are bigger than our income.”

That is the daily reality for Manurewa couple Michael and Mina Tamatoa and their four children aged 9, 7, 5, and 11 months.

Their hopes for the Budget are all about their children.

“They are our future,” Mina Tamatoa said. “If we can’t provide for our children, then our future doesn’t look very promising. I think education is top for me.”

Michael, 36, works as a rental car mechanic at Auckland Airport. He got a pay rise last month but sees it disappearing fast.

Now we see petrol is going up,” he said. “You’re still trying to catch your tail.”

Mina, 38, works 20 hours a week for $16.68 an hour as a teacher aide at Rowandale School, which the three older children attend. Her union, the NZ Educational Institute, has lodged a pay equity claim saying teacher aides are underpaid because most are female, and hopes the Budget will lift schools’ operations grants to pay for it.

Our outgoings are bigger than our income,” Mina said. “It’s our responsibility to try and cater for the shortfall, and that’s through food and transport – not just petrol, it’s the car’s maintenance, the warrant of fitness, everything.

“Sometimes we have to put them on hold, they have to wait, because we have to pay the things that are most important like the mortgage.” End quote.

They are saying the right things, but doing the wrong things. Why on earth at wage levels like that would they have four children?

Interesting comment about petrol going up. Perhaps he could catch the tram to work…oh wait…that is just for city folk on the right side of town, not the poor who live in Manurewa.

And hang on a minute, in one sentence she says the kids are the most important, and then we hear that the mortgage is more important. Why on earth have they got a mortgage when they can barely afford their kids?

They say they it is their responsibility to try and cater for the shortfall but then they are hoping for more government cash to fund their lifestyle in the budget. Imagine if I just decided one day to move into a house I couldn’t afford, then complain to the media that I can’t afford it, and hope the budget gives me more free money to pay for a lifestyle I can’t afford.

I guess the article proves one thing though…that houses are affordable in Auckland, because if these drop kicks can afford one then anyone can.