Sledge of the day

At the end of question time yesterday there was a bit of a hiatus as visitors coming to see Nicola Willis’s maiden speech were filing in.

A bit of hilarity ensued and during that Winston Peters delivered a top-class sledge, and Gerry Brownlee delivered a pretty good one too: Quote:

Mr SPEAKER: Sorry. I’m about to call Nicola Willis for her maiden statement, but I’m taking a little bit of time over it because I know that there are some people who are coming in and we’ve gone slightly faster through question time than is normally the case. So I’m giving a bit more of a chance for people to enter so that they can hear the statement. If people don’t mind, I’m just going to stand here for about a minute. [Interruption] Order! If Mr Robertson would like to take a quick call, I’m?

Grant?Robertson: No. I’d want an assurance of how long it was going to be!

WINSTON PETERS (Deputy Prime Minister): I raise a point of order, Mr Speaker. We could use up the minute by having Simon Bridges tell us all he knows!

Mr SPEAKER: I’m not sure that that was helpful.

GERRY BROWNLEE (National?Ilam): I raise a point of order, Mr Speaker. In the same vein, we could take up about that amount of time for Mr Peters to tell us what he’s forgotten!

Mr SPEAKER: In accordance with the determination of the Business Committee, I call on Nicola Willis to make her maiden statement. End quote.

The scurrilous rumours that some National party-connected people are putting about regarding Winston’s mental faculties seem to be a bit off the mark given his witty riposte there.