Sledge of the week

Judith Collins seems to be the only opposition MP holding the prime minister and the government to account: Quote:

I spoke in the General Debate today in Parliament. The Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern displayed increasing arrogance today in Question Time. It’s as if she really can’t be bothered having to turn up and answer those pesky questions from the Opposition. I’ve always respected Helen Clark for her attention to detail and her grasp of the issues. What you saw, was what you got.

What I’m seeing from Jacinda Ardern is that if there’s not some smiley photo involved – preferably with a child or a ‘World Leader’, then we see an entirely different and arrogant side to her.

Her promise of a Government of ‘relentless positivity’ is just one of many broken promises. Stand-by for more. End quote.

That mention of Helen Clark will hurt Jacinda. She’s certainly hurty at the moment. Judith just smashed the government in her allotted time: Quote:

JUDITH COLLINS (National?Papakura): Thank you, Mr Speaker. Does anyone remember that promise of the Prime Minister, the Rt Hon Jacinda Ardern, that she was going to lead a Government of relentless positivity? Does anyone remember that? Because what we saw today in Parliament was petulance?petulance?a refusal to answer a very decent question from David Seymour, a refusal to engage on the issues, a petulance that we were wasting her time having to come to Parliament. That’s the message that a lot of New Zealanders who watch Parliament question time would have got from a Prime Minister who is too busy remixing music to go and visit the people in Taranaki and explain to them why she has completely stuffed up their industry, too busy going to have dinner with the journalist on Friday night, which was very inappropriate, I would have thought, because she’s too busy doing that to go and visit the people of Taranaki either. Her job is for the people of New Zealand not for her own gratification to tell everyone in the world that she’s virtue signalling more than them.

Let’s have a look at some of the broken promises. Another broken promise: oil and gas. Did she ever tell us in the election campaign that the oil and gas industry would be destroyed by her Government? Never, not once. Did she say she was going to be for the regions? Oh, yes, she did. And is she? No. Did she tell us that there would be no new taxes until the Tax Working Group came back? Oh, yes she did. And what has happened? Tax after tax after tax. Fuel tax: 25c a litre is more tax on people who pay for petrol. Why has she done that? Because she hasn’t had to pay for it. She’s got an electric vehicle at her place. She gets to use the roads for nothing. She’s after attacking every single group that she wants to do. She’s never promised that. She said no new taxes.

Let’s have a look at the KiwiBuild numbers. That’s always a good one. We were promised 100,000 new KiwiBuild houses, built by this Government. So far we’re down to 8,000 in the three-year term that they might actually get through to?8,000?and of those they’re all going to be bought off developers. So they’re going to pay more?this is how KiwiBuild works. They pay more money for houses than what they’re worth and then they sell them to people at less than what they’re worth. So that’s a brilliant scheme if you are a developer and if you happen to be one of the people who is going to?

Winston?Peters: No?that’s not true.

JUDITH?COLLINS: Now, the Rt Hon Winston Peters has raised his voice, and good for him, because he can say he’s got $1 billion off New Zealand taxpayers for embassies. It’s great. He’s now going to go to Stockholm. And it’s interesting, isn’t it, that repairing the carpet in New Zealand embassies around the world is more important to New Zealand?$1 billion worth?to New Zealand taxpayers than are the doctors visits for New Zealanders, free dental health for over 65s, and every other promise that they promised. So $1 billion on foreign aid and also in embassies?because clearly we need an embassy in Stockholm!

I heard the Prime Minister today arrogantly tell the House in answer to the Leader of the Opposition as to why we had to have an embassy in Stockholm, and the answer was, essentially, “because you lot closed it”. So that’s the answer. So she needs to learn something from the Rt Hon Helen Clark. Helen Clark went after and helped and targeted particular groups in the community who needed help. This Prime Minister that we’ve got at the moment, she targets people she’s going to do over. Whether it’s the farmers, the oil and gas workers, the 8,000 people whose jobs will be lost because of her, the people in the regions?she’s after the people who buy petrol, the people who pay for the roads. She’s after everybody who actually helps make this economy work. And where is she for the farmers? Oh, don’t worry about that. She’s too busy mixing music and working out her next trip to Stockholm, because the Rt Hon Winston Peters?

Mr SPEAKER: Order! The member’s time has expired. End quote.

Jacinda Ardern doesn’t do hard questions. She is shirking from them She won’t go to Taranaki, but she will go to Buckingham Palace. She is hopelessly out of her depth and getting nastier by the day.

Judith Collins should keep holding her feet to the fire.