It must have been a slow news day …

The wedding was done and dusted, Trump wasn’t tweeting, parliament is still boringly full of election slogans, so various media outlets ran an article from Sweden.

Headlines included: Quote:
New Zealand one of the hardest countries to invade – report

NZ’s isolation the greatest deterrent to invasion – military analysts

Being a small country down the bottom of the world might make trade and travel difficult for Kiwis – but it may have one important advantage.

New Zealand is one of the hardest countries in the world to invade, according to a report by Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet.

The study assesses the military power, size of the country and the difficulty of terrain to determine the country’s defensive capability.

The authors say conquering us would be extremely difficult from a logistical point of view. New Zealand is around 2000km from Australia, hindering supply chains and making planning an invasion a “nightmare”.

“Getting your troops, and supplying them with necessities, seems almost an impossibility,” the newspaper says.

Other countries to make the cut include Switzerland, described as “extremely difficult” due to being surrounded by the Alps, while Russia has difficult terrain and thousands of years of experience with wars. End of quote.

So, is it true?? Would it be hard to invade New Zealand?

The Collins Dictionary definition of ‘invade’ is a useful reference: Quote:

1.?to?enter?(a country,?territory, etc) by military force
2.?to?occupy?in large?numbers;?overrun;?infest
3.?to?trespass?or?encroach?upon (privacy, etc)
4.?to enter and?spread?throughout, esp harmfully
5.?to become?established?in (a place to which they are not native) End of quote.
Definition 1.
Given the rundown of our armed forces by previous governments, I imagine that the Chinese could capture Wellington and the corridors of power on a Sunday afternoon if they were so minded to do.
Definitions 2, 4 and 5.
These are currently being aided and abetted by our left-leaning leaders who feel that we need more diversity. This diversity, though, is not diverse: it is very homogenous and Islamic.
We are well aware that the occupation in large numbers is done by “family reunification” (all his wives must be repatriated to New Zealand and fed and housed) and then they will outbreed us, spread out from the cities and mosques and “infest” the culture with lawfare insisting that their rights trump our rights.
Definition 3.
Yup: invaded. Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so forth have quietly and successfully invaded and stolen our?accepted our freely surrendered privacy.
Definition 5.
Golly G: I’m looking at you!