Storm in a D cup

President Donald Trump has now officially been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize. This from?TheTelegraph: Quote:

Donald Trump has been formally nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize for the US President’s?efforts to solve the North Korean nuclear tensions.

A group of 18 of Mr Trump’s?biggest Republican supporters in the House of Representatives sent a letter to the Norwegian Nobel Committee urging it to consider Mr Trump for next year’s award in recognition of “his tireless work to bring peace to our world.”

Mr Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un?are working out the details of a historic summit that could take place by the end of May or early June. End quote.

It is far from a done deal, however. Quote:

In Washington’s fevered political climate – in which “it’s virtually impossible for one party to give credit to the other” – Mr Trump’s personality and “inability to think about the ‘we’ rather than just the ‘me'” is further reinforcing the antagonism, Mr Miller said.

“The aversion to giving him the Nobel on the Democratic side is caught up in the aversion to him.” End quote.

Undoubtedly true. I have friends who froth at the mouth at the thought of Trump receiving a peace prize, even though he is the only president in decades who has done anything tangible for world peace. But, they hate Trump so he can’t do anything right.

But that’s not all he’s done. Unemployment is at now at the lowest level in the US in 17 years. Black unemployment, in particular, is hitting new lows. Americans are finally getting back to work. North Korea is now releasing US detainees and talking peace and openness with the world. Trump is negotiating a trade deal with China and speaks in warm and friendly terms about President Xi. These are amazing achievements for a president who has not yet been in office for 18 months.

The media aren’t interested. Currently, the media are following only one story.


So Donald Trump had sex with a porn star in 2006. I’m sure he had forgotten about it. But, obviously, she hadn’t. You have to wonder if she deliberately hung on to this story (like Monica hung onto the dress), to see if she could ever gain from it. Ten years later her chance came. During the election process she crawled out of the woodwork, clearly intending to cause a problem for him in his presidential campaign. His lawyer tried to make her go away. But, she has either large amounts of money, fame or something else in her sights because she has no intention of going away anytime soon.

Yes, there are the inevitable comparisons with Bill Clinton, but there are differences too. Bill Clinton was in office when his affair with Monica Lewinsky took place. And, he wasn’t particularly in trouble because of the affair itself. It was more because he lied under oath.

Donald Trump’s relationship with porn star Stormy Daniels took place in 2006, ten years before his presidential campaign. It is most likely that he had not given politics a single thought at that stage in his life, so it didn’t really matter. While it is always best for politicians to remain squeaky clean during their whole lives if they wish for an easy time in office, it is not a prerequisite. Francois Hollande’s reputation was enhanced when news of his long-time lover came out. Most people really do not care about the sexual dalliances of politicians anymore.

The media’s relentless pursuit of dirt on Trump sees them having a field day with this story. You would not expect something like this to make the front page of Time magazine. Time used to be a respected media outlet. Nowadays it is just like all of the others and is unable to hide its political bias.

If I feel for anyone over this, it is Melania. She and Trump had only been married a year when he and Stormy Daniels encountered one another.?Time?has also recently reported that Michele Obama has now named herself as the ‘Forever First Lady’, insulting not only Melania but also Laura Bush, Barbara Bush, Hilary Clinton, Nancy Reagan and others.

Melania doesn’t deserve that. At least Donald Trump gave her a bit of recognition on Twitter with this response:

Once I said, about the Trump haters, that even if he really did achieve world peace, he would still be pilloried by the media. Although he has not achieved that lofty goal quite yet, he has come a step closer than anyone else in recent history and, for that, he should be congratulated. Of course, that has not happened. I hope history is kinder to Donald Trump than the present day because he is one of the few politicians who has tried very hard to keep his promises. Look how he is treated for doing it.