The evils of colonialism

Mass European immigration to New Zealand and Australia changed the local population by replacing Maori and Aboriginal culture and values with European Christian culture and values. The native inhabitants of both countries had primitive stone age technology and their values included slavery and cannibalism.

In modern times due to the mass Muslim immigration that the Western world is facing today Westerners are staring down the barrel of a similar but much worse colonisation that will turn them into the minority and will override a culture of Western Christian civilisation with a backward one that has values that include slavery and barbarism.

Colonisation that brings civilised Christian values to a country is described as bad by New Zealand academics and Left-wingers because it destroyed or dominated the local people’s culture, values and way of life. Colonisation is blamed for all the woes of the now minority cultures yet incomprehensively now that the West is being invaded and colonised by Muslim immigrants with Islamic values they see it as a good thing and call it ‘cultural diversity’ and ‘multiculturalism.’

Next time you hear a Leftie complain about the ‘Pakeha’ colonisation of New Zealand I suggest that you patiently explain to them that cultural diversity is a beautiful thing and that they shouldn’t resist?multiculturalism. After all, fair is fair. If bringing Sharia law, polygamy, child brides, forced marriage, honour killings, female genital mutilation, sexual segregation, and intolerance of other religions is ‘cultural diversity’, then bringing the far superior, civilised European Christian culture to a country is ‘cultural diversity’ too and should be both ‘tolerated’ and celebrated as ‘multiculturalism.’

Europeans propose cultural diversity to the First Australians.