The only option is for partnership schools to walk the plank

Credit: Luke

Question time in Parliament 01 May 2018: Quote:

David Seymour: Why is the Government honouring existing irrigation contracts?

Rt Hon JACINDA ARDERN: Because it was in the agreement and they’re contracts.

David Seymour: Why is that different with partnership schools?

Rt Hon JACINDA ARDERN: We’ve given partnership schools an option, and the majority of them look to be taking it up. End of quote.

In fact, partnership schools have no option: Minister Hipkins has indicated he will exercise his ability to terminate the Partnership contract at his convenience, which will force all of the partnership schools to close by the end of the 2018 school year.

So the ‘option’ for partnership schools is that they have no choice but to ‘walk the plank’ … Minister Hipkins is closing your school, your only option is to close and walk away, or close and?apply?to establish a state school (private, designated character, state integrated). What sort of option is that?

The abject lack of social responsibility demonstrated by a government that purports to hold children’s well-being front and centre will result in eleven successful schools being closed down, and one thousand, five hundred priority learners left with no option but to enrol back into the mainstream education that failed them in the first place.


by Graeme Osborne