The ‘progressive’ agenda


A reader writes:

The content of Elizabeth Warren?s speech in the U.S. sounds very much like what?s emanating from the Jacinda Ardern and the New Zealand Labour Party.

The final commentary in the article from the Director of Policy of the Independent Women?s Forum is ?spot on? – especially the reference to unintended consequences. It should be compulsory reading for all (National) MPs! Quote:

Gone in 60 Seconds: Warren Reveals in Less Than a Minute Her Plan To Fundamentally Transform America

Massachusetts Democrat Sen. Elizabeth Warren […] laid out an aggressive liberal agenda […]

?Here we are at the CAP Ideas Conference proving once again that Democrats are the party of ideas. Lots of ideas. That?s what we?re proving all day long,? Warren proclaimed in the coveted closing speaker?s slot […]

?We have to promise real structural change, and we have to deliver on that promise the minute we get the chance,? Warren said.

[…] ?Medicare for all, universal child care, debt-free college, criminal justice reform, immigration reform, gun reform, invest in clean energy, expand Social Security, rebuild our infrastructure, break up the banks, bring back the unions, guarantee everybody who wants to work a job that pays a living wage,? she said. ?Dozens and dozens of truly great ideas.?End of quote.

I don’t know about you but I think that those are really, really bad ideas and ones that will make the poor poorer, cost jobs and increase government debt. It all sounds very familiar.?


[…] Further, though Warren railed against the Republican tax law,?the?majority?of Americans support it.

Hadley Heath Manning, director of policy with the Independent Women?s Forum, responded to Warren?s liberal agenda, telling The Western Journal, ?Progressives often brag about being the party of ideas, but the truth is that it?s easy to propose government-centric ?solutions? to every problem we face as a society.?

She continued, ?And even though they are well-intended, they often come with unintended consequences that reduce our freedoms, create unsustainable costs, and most importantly, harm the very people they are meant to help.?