There is nothing liberal about Labour

After reading the above quote from Winston Churchill I immediately thought that there is nothing at all liberal about the New Zealand Labour party. The first line that jumped out at me was, “Socialism would destroy private interests, Liberalism would preserve them.”

Since coming to power Jacinda Ardern’s government have drawn a big target on anything with the word private in its title. They want to terminate privately run partnership schools, not because they are not successful but because they colour outside the lines. They are against private prisons regardless of whether they are more efficient and save the taxpayer money.

Basically, if something isn’t run inefficiently by the state then they don’t want it to exist. Now they are preventing a Dunedin hospital from going ahead for the same ideological reasons.

ACT leader David Seymour has said, ?The decision of the government to dismiss without consideration the option of delivering the new Dunedin Hospital by public-private partnership is purely ideological.? He says that it has “disregarded the?advice of treasury?who said that ‘a PPP should remain under active consideration’ because it ‘enforces best practice’ provides ‘opportunities for innovation’ and ‘limits the risk of construction cost overruns’.”

He also said that while we hear constantly from government ministers that they don?t believe that the private sector should be involved in health or education they fail to produce any evidence for their ideological belief.

The other line from the Winston?Churchill quote that immediately made me think there is nothing liberal about the New Zealand Labour party is the line stating that socialism attacks capitalism. Right from day one in office, we were told ad nauseam by Jacinda Ardern that ‘capitalism has failed.’ Since then her government has struck a severe body blow to the New Zealand oil and gas industry causing the loss to New Zealand of millions in revenue as well as the loss of thousands of jobs in Taranaki.

After reading the Winston Churchill quote below what other actions of the New Zealand Labour party can you think of that have illustrated that they are definitely not a Liberal party.