Charlatan Cindy tells charter schools that they will cease to exist

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Dominic Elliot holding a sign: ‘Jacinda where is your support now?’

Jacinda Ardern’s government have told?charter schools that?they must apply by the seventh of May to rejoin the state system, or they will cease to exist. The most deceptive and criminal thing about this choice is that for most, if not all, charter schools it is not a choice at all.

I was given a Charlatan Cindy-type choice when I was working my way through teachers’ training college. I complained to my manager about not feeling safe around one of the men that I cared for in an IHC home. He had shoved me violently and was following me around muttering angry things. The next day she called me into her office and said she had a different shift to offer me. I could take it or stay where I was, she said; it was my choice.

She knew that I was a student and was available for late afternoon, evening, overnight and early morning or weekend shifts. The hours she offered me were right in the middle of the day when she knew I would be at teachers’ training college. When I pointed that out she said I had a choice. I could either put up with an unsafe working environment or I could resign.

This is the type of choice that Charlatan Cindy has given charter schools. Most of them, even if they choose to apply to rejoin the state system today, will have their applications turned down (which is why only one charter school?so far, out of all of them, has bothered to apply). It is a farce, a show, to give the appearance of a choice and fairness.

Jacinda Ardern has revealed how meaningless her words to Maori were on Waitangi day. Quote:

So when we return in one year, in three years, I ask you to ask us what we have done for you.

“Hold us to account. Because one day I want to be able to tell my child that I earned the right to stand here. And only you can tell me when I have done that,” […] She said poverty, youth suicide and low employment rates were obvious things where gaps existed for many M?ori?- “what we need now is a real focus on what it will take to close them”. End of quote.

Excellence in education is what is needed to close those gaps but, instead of celebrating the success of Maori thriving inside charter schools, Charlatan Cindy is callously closing them. Bowing to the demands of the teacher union bosses in Wellington is more important to her than keeping her word to Maori.

The schools that are going to cease to exist include a Northland charter school with a 100% Maori roll that ranks in the top two Northland schools for university entrance results.

NZQA published data shows Te Kapehu Whetu ? Terenga Paraoa students achieved a 64% pass rate in UE in 2017.

This graph shows the top five Northland schools, ranked by 2017 UE success.

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Te Kapehu Whetu ? Terenga Paraoa is outperforming most other private and public schools in Northland in UE success and is well above the New Zealand average for UE pass rates.

E Tipu e Rea Chief Executive Graeme Osborne asks, “How can anyone believe that closing the second-best high school for University Entrance in Northland is in the best interests of student success and well being?”

He goes on to say that because the charter school?s university entrance results are well above the New Zealand average it shows that the school is working for its 100% Maori students.?Why, he asks, shouldn?t younger Maori students in the future be given the same opportunity to achieve?

When Ardern refused to turn up to accept the ‘save charter schools’ petition on Sunday, outside her electorate office, she showed that she does not walk the talk and that her promises to Maori are empty and meaningless.

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David Seymour has said that:?Quote:

“The decision to close charter schools goes against everything Jacinda Ardern says she stands for and will irreparably tarnish her brand.” ?This is the beginning of the end for her. It?s still a way off, but we?ll look back at the handling of charter schools as the first sign Brand Jacinda was a fake front.

?The Prime Minister said she would put ?kids at the heart of everything this Government does?. Clearly, that doesn?t apply to 1500 disadvantaged kids at charter schools who?d find success and a love of learning.” “She has shown breathtaking hypocrisy in taking this decision.

?If those kids wanted to be in state schools they would never have joined charter schools in the first place. How is it possible that schools with the same governance, the Wellington-controlled funding formula, and the same Wellington-negotiated employment agreements, will get a different result? End of quote.

The ACT party?have called on the government to honour the contracts of existing charter schools. If Jacinda Ardern meant what she said to Maori at Waitangi then that is exactly what she will do.