Town Clarke


Last week on?Stuff Tracey Watkins asked if the attacks on Clarke Gayford were a “new low” in politics. Quote:

Vicious gossip about politicians?is nothing new. Media were repeatedly sent on a wild goose chase over John Key’s reasons for resigning.

Helen Clark once savaged?rumours that her husband was detained in the United States as “farcical”,?which it clearly was.?Other politicians?have been dragged into the muck on occasion, and sometimes their families as well.

But a concerted smear campaign against a prime minister’s spouse on the scale of the rumours about Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s partner Clarke Gayford feels like something new.End of quote.

Personally, I think videos of people doing Nazi salutes, chanting “Fxxx John Key” or writing a rap song, which received NZ on Air funding, about raping the prime minister’s daughter, were as low as anyone could ever go, but the media said little about it. I guess that is why there is the old adage: it is OK if the left do it. Quote:

The personal toll on Ardern and Gayford?- dealing with the pressures of her new role, plus a baby on the way – must have been huge. End of quote.

Did you ponder how John Key, Bronagh Key, Max Key and Steffie Key herself felt about the rap song, Tracey? If you did, I never saw the article.

Bronagh Key was mostly left alone, but her children were pursued mercilessly by the media. Steffie had the good sense to leave the country and study in Paris, but young Max was continually savaged. For some reason it is OK to put down the 16-year-old son of a National prime minister but the 40-year-old partner of the Labour prime minister is a precious commodity?

Well, yes. Max Key was a rich kid: something to be despised. Clarke Gayford is the partner of the Fairy Princess. That is all you need to know.

Thing is, the rumours about Clarke were not true, but Clarke Gayford puts himself out there. He is the most publicly outspoken partner of a prime minister of all time. Think Bronagh Key. Mary English. Peter Davidson. Burton Shipley. Joan Bolger. Naomi Lange. I have gone back over thirty years and cannot find a single prime minister’s spouse who has courted the public eye as much as Clarke Gayford.

That has to come at a price.

True, he already had his fishing show before hooking up with Jacinda, (excuse the pun) but the role he has now taken on demands a bit of decorum but he has no idea what the word means.

Maybe he should have looked it up in his dictionary before he made disparaging comments at an awards dinner last week about how the food at Buckingham Palace was not as good as what he has eaten at the Ponsonby Mall.

Chur bro. D’you want fries and tomato sauce with that? How about a little bit of style on the side?

If Clarke wants to be treated with respect then he has to earn it, and, so far, he has done nothing to deserve it. He doesn’t know how to dress, he doesn’t know what to say that is appropriate and he doesn’t know when to stay in the background. He gives little respect to the office that his partner holds as he thinks he can say or do anything he likes, and that it will be OK. It isn’t OK.

If being first man is anything like being first lady, then his job is to look pretty and to do lots for charity. He already fails on the first count. Let’s see, Clarke, if you can do a little better on the second.


Credit: Luke