Try not to laugh

Caption: A staff meeting at Google headquarters

In Monty Python’s Life of Brian, a running gag is the petty in-fighting between anti-Roman underground groups. “Listen, the only people we hate more than the Romans, are the Judean People’s Front. And the Judean Popular People’s Front!?

40 years ago, the Pythons were satirising the arcane doctrinal squabbles and vicious in-fighting of leftist groups. Today the same behaviour is crippling workplace culture at Google. The tech giants of Silicone Valley have embraced millennial SJW-culture, and now they’re paying the price. Quote:

fractious groups of [Google] employees have turned the workplace into a virtual war zone of debate over all manner of social and political beliefs. End of quote.

The company has brought this nonsense on themselves: Quote:

Google has long promoted a work culture that is more like a college campus ? where loud debates and doctrinaire stances are commonplace ? and today its parent, Alphabet Inc, increasingly is struggling to keep things under control?employee culture has proven to be a riot of pressure groups and causes End of quote.

This is what happens when corporations kowtow to the infantile, demanding, entitlement culture of millennials.

Being America, where there are childish squabbles, lawsuits are soon to follow. Quote:

including legal actions from female employees alleging pay discrimination against women; from male ex-employees and potential new hires claiming bias against conservative white men; and from a transgender engineer who said he was fired for making derogatory statements about what he called white male privilege. All this comes on top of a very public controversy last August when Google fired a software engineer, James Damore, who wrote an internal memo saying gender differences might have something to do with women?s under-representation in the tech workforce. End of quote.

Call me old-fashioned, but when I go to work, I go there to do my job, not get into petty political arguments (unless you work at Whaleoil, and you get to do both at once). Google is a company with a function: develop tech and make money. It doesn’t exist to pander to millennials’ wackadoodle hobby-horses. Quote:

Google has formed a group of employees whose job is to review speakers in advance. Google also has published new guidelines for acceptable content in Talks at Google. End of quote.

Here’s a thought: the only acceptable content for “Talks at Google” should be: “Shut up and do your job, snowflakes”. Quote:

Many companies have struggled to strike a balance between employees? right to share their opinions and the maintenance of a cordial and equal workplace. End of quote.

Employees have no “right to share their opinions” in the workplace. They have the right to do their job. Your job is not part of the public sphere.

But it’s hard to feel sorry for Google, any more than the parents of a spoiled, screaming toddler: they’ve made the rod for their own backs. Quote:

?Google has created a level of entitlement which is hard to claw back,? says Jim Miller, a former vice-president who left Google earlier this year to run a start-up. ?People feel that it?s OK to debate everything.? End of quote.

Like small children, the more you indulge the entitled mentality of millennials, the worse they get. Google’s pandering quickly encouraged a race to peak stupidity. Quote:

At a recent Google event titled Living as a Plural Being, one employee gave a talk explaining why the speaker sexually identified as ?a yellow-scaled wingless dragonkin? and an ?expansive ornate building? End of quote.

Like I said, try not to laugh.