Turning up to managed meetings, three weeks late and a dollar short is not fronting

The media are claiming that Jacinda Ardern has fronted up to locals in Taranaki.

If fronting up is attending invitation only meetings, four weeks after you promised to actually front up and with nothing but slogans then I guess she fronted: Quote:

The prime minister has fronted up in Taranaki to reassure locals of the government’s support for the first time since it announced cessation of new offshore oil and gas exploration.

The halt was a surprise to many and would cost thousands of jobs – but yesterday all the talk was of working together toward a “just transition” from oil and gas.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern met industry representatives, civic leaders and union members?in a series of closed-door meetings throughout the day.

In her one media engagement, Ms Ardern reassured Taranaki that it still had an important role to play in the economy.

“We’ve talked really about where the future takes us. We’ve given that certainty through the decision that’s been made.

“It gives us now the next 20 years to work on those alternative fuel and energy sources and Taranaki really has expertise here to really be at the lead and forefront of some of that development.”

Ms Ardern brushed off questions about why it took so long get to Taranaki and said international travel had not allowed it.?End quote.

Rubbish. She went overseas to the UK but has been back for a month. I thought she said she didn’t lie? Quote:

“We are already in the position to confirm a summit we are working towards. It means that this conversation I’m coming into already has some significant milestones.”

The level of consultation ahead of the announcement was adequate, she said.?End quote.

What consultation? What cost benefit analysis? Quote:

New Plymouth mayor Neil Holdom said now the decision was made Taranaki wanted to work with the government.

“What we’ve asked the prime minister to do is help us address the risk and the uncertainty.

“We believe that by taking a scientific approach we can protect the jobs and use the capabilities in Taranaki to help deliver a solution.”

Mr Holdom said he would like to see a bipartisan approach taken in the Beehive.

I believe that all New Zealanders believe we’ve got to take the carbon out of the economy.” End quote.

I’m a New Zealander and I don’t believe we should take carbon out of the economy.

This was just like all her kindy visits. Soft meetings with agreed people, including unions and one media appearance to claim she had “fronted”.

Actually it is an affront with what she has done.