Twyford declares war on Aucklanders

The arrogance of Phil Twyford knows no bounds, he’s now pretty much declared war on Aucklanders: Quote:

Aucklanders who don’t want state or affordable housing nearby should leave the city,?Housing Minister Phil Twyford says.

Tywford was the special guest at a West Auckland Business Club breakfast in Henderson on May 25.

“If you don’t want to have affordable housing or quality density housing in your neighbourhood, you go and live in Pokeno or?Dairy Flat,” he said.

“This whole issue about kind-of?nimbyism?[not in my backyard]. .?.?it’s going to come up more and more, because we are going to build a lot of houses.”

Twyford was responding to a question as to whether social housing money could be spent in West Auckland instead of Epsom, where some locals didn’t want it.

He said one of the first things he did as housing minister was to tell officials that state, community and Kiwibuild houses should?be built in every community across Auckland.

“We are not going to engage in kind of state-sponsored gentrification,” he said.

“I’m not motivated . . . to let Epsom off the hook.” End quote.

Such arrogance from the minister who is kept on to make Clare Curran look good.

This is the sort of hubris that brings down governments. Usually it takes several years to develop in ministers but Twyford is so convinced on his own brilliance that he has leapt straight into this mode.

Insulting voters by calling them nimbys and telling them to leave the city is just appalling politics. He will be apologising for misspeaking again shortly after Jacinda Ardern goes a bit judgy on him.