Vaping vs Modern Music Scene

Long seen as something effortlessly cool and rebellious, smoking has always appealed to people who sought to look unconventional and classy. Keith Richards, Axl Rose, Bob Dylan, and other rock stars made a cigarette part of this image. Youth all over the world followed the example of their idols and lit their first cigarettes.

Nowadays, the trend seems to be changing and an alternative option has started to prevail. Vaping is becoming the new cool thing.

Vaping Displacing Smoking

The fact that vape pens have replaced traditional tobacco products for many people seems phenomenal. But when we start analyzing the reasons, we understand that there?s nothing strange in that.

The new generation grew up surrounded by anti-smoking warnings. By the time they reached the age of rebellion, they were unwilling to take up smoking. Vaping was more attractive to them.

The health benefits play a critical role in shaping a positive attitude to vaping. There?s no need to mention the dreadful consequences of tobacco consumption. This is the major reason why a lot of smokers try to drop their harmful habit. Unfortunately, only a small percent of those who try to do that can succeed (from 3 to 6% according to different sources.)

Though vaping is not well-researched yet, the current studies encourage more traditional smokers to buy a fancy vape pen. Public Health England has recently completed a review of the effects of vaping. It has been found to be 95 percent less harmful than cigarettes. This was not surprising for vapors who already knew that from their own experience.

The Role of Music

When it comes to music, vaping has the edge over smoking. Hip-hop seems to be ahead of other genres in this regard. Vaping is wide-spread among hip-hop artists, and consequently, among their audience.

We can often see product placement in music videos and songs. The videos of Dj Khaled, Chris Brown, Young Thug, Fetty Wap and other artists featured vape products. The brands are usually shown to be fancy and stylish. This type of advertising is successful. Many young people decide to buy a featured vape pen.

Some rappers went even feature. They collaborated with vape brands and launched their own products. Want to know who? The best representatives of the industry:

  • DJ Khaled vapes as a hobby and promotes his favourite line of vape pens in his music videos ?I?m The One? and ?Do You Mind?. He also advertises another vape brand in ?You Mine? and ?Gold Slubs?.
  • Snoop Dogg who never hid his love for marijuana released herbal vaporizers.
  • Wiz Khalifa is also known for his love for weed. The rapper has his own line of dry herb and concentrate vaporizers. He even launched the vaporizer into space!
  • A$AP Rocky followed the suit and launched his own signature vape pen line.

Hip-hop culture isn?t the only one that embraced vaping. You can see an elderly nursing home resident vaping in Foo Fighters ?Run?.

The latest Jennifer Lopez video for her song ?Dinero? where DJ Khaled and Cardi B also appear features a girl model releasing a cloud of vapor.

Musicians Who Vape

Some of the most iconic rockers have switched to vaping. It may have been the standard for young rockers back in the 1970s and ?80s. But times have changed.

Dave Navarro and Tom Petty claim that vaping has helped them quit smoking. The musicians advocate a vapor pen as a helpful tool to quit.

Navarro acts like an e-cig ambassador. He talks about the effectiveness of vaping in the fight against smoking in nearly every media appearance. The artist says that health benefits are impressive and vaping saved his life.

Rolling Stones bandmate Ronnie Wood is also a vaper. Becoming a father of twins in 68 years old made him modify some of his habits.

The fact that even rock stars have been seen using e-cigarettes shows that these smoking devices can be a replacement for tobacco products for even the most extreme of characters.

Younger artists also pay attention to vape pen mods. Sonny Moore, known as Skrillex, has also been seen vaping.

Katy Perry also vaped and she liked it. The singer is a dedicated supporter of e-cigarettes. She has been caught vaping at various occasions by paparazzi.

Celebrities are choosing an alternative option to tobacco smoking for the same reason people all over the world are. It allows reducing the harm while satisfying nicotine cravings. Vaping offers a sensation similar to smoking a traditional cigarette. Thus, smoking cessation becomes less difficult.

No Smoking at Major Music Venues

Back in the days when heavy metal was at its peak, fans could enjoy smoking while listening to their favourite band. The artists could also light up a cigarette on stage.

Today, more and more arenas, music festivals, and casinos are banning smoking. But some musicians can?t change their habits easily.

We know Keith Richards is a diehard smoker. A smoke-free policy adopted by concert venues across the world can?t stop him from puffing on a cigarette while performing. The rock ‘n’ roll maestro claims that smoking is an integral part of his onstage persona. He often flouts smoking bans in many countries and light ups even at indoor events.

Other musicians don?t go against the regulations. It isn?t cool to perform with cigarettes anymore.

While some music venues may have vaping bans, many music festivals are becoming more loyal to vaping. Organizers understand that permission to vape can attract more people to an event as vaping community is constantly growing. The new smoking practice is becoming part of the musical experience.

Many musicians replaced their cigarette habit with a safer one. They don?t hide that. We can see them vaping in media and in life. The image of a regular cigarette as an edgy accessorize is fading.

As public figures, artists inspire struggling smokers to make a switch. It?s quite possible that more musicians and other famous people will start vaping. So, keep your eyes on the news.

About the Author: Phyllis Baker is the professional journalist and blogger specializing in health issues. Currently, she writes about vaping as the quitting smoking alternative.