Well done David Seymour, shame ‘Soyman’ can’t get the courage to do this

When David Seymour is showing up the leader of the opposition then you know there is a problem with ‘Soyman’ Bridges.

Jacinda Ardern refused to answer the question; she just sits there silently fuming.

Her performance in the house yesterday was an exercise of arrogance, outright nastiness and petulance. Watch and be astounded:? ?

Whatever happened to “relentless positivity”?

Jacinda Ardern is not coping, and it shows. She needs to take some time off… oh wait… all she does are soft interviews, photoshoots, visits to schools and visits with anyone except the people of Taranaki.

Soyman Bridges thinks taking the soft approach with her is working. David Seymour shows him that you can actually hold the prime minister to account.

Well done David. Keep it up.