What a difference 33km makes

If you ever needed an example of the utter stupidity of bureaucrats and the complete nonsense of statements like, “decarbonising the economy”, and the Paris targets, then here is a pearler. Quote.

Britain risks a shortage of electric cars after Brexit as carmakers will lose an incentive to sell low-emission vehicles there, a Brussels-based think-tank warned.

Because British sales will no longer count towards carmakers’ EU carbon dioxide targets, they may choose to sell to other European countries instead, the Transport and Environment (T&E) group warned.

Britain was the third largest market for zero emission vehicles in the EU last year and the largest for plug-in hybrids, the group said in the report obtained by AFP.

“Carmakers may simply opt to dump their less efficient models in the UK market,” said Cecile Toubeau of T&E.?End of quote.

So, if you make an electric vehicle, or a low emission vehicle in the EU and sell it to Monsieur Vert in Calais or Dhr?Van Dijk in Rotterdam or Mijnheer Groen in Ostend then everything is wonderful, the carbon credits accrue, emission targets are met, Paris Accords are kept, global warming is averted and the future of humanity is assured.

Absolutely top stuff! Well done!


If you dare export that car 33km across the English Channel and sell it to Mr Green in Dover (who, unsurprisingly, voted ‘No’ to Brexit) then the wheels fall off. (Metaphorically)

No carbon credits accrue, emission targets are not met, Paris Accords are broken, global warming rushes in upon us and humanity is doomed.

You cretin!

And here I was thinking that it was global warming or?global climate change that was the issue at stake here.

Apparently not: Carbon dioxide obviously is a very clever molecule that deeply respects border lines and the sovereignty of each individual country and/or trading block.


If a car being moved 33km negates any effect it may have on the global crisis by crossing a border and ending up in another jurisdiction, what is the point of New Zealand buying our carbon salvation by paying our $1.4bn carbon indulgence each year to something or someone offshore?

Won’t moving this carbon indulgence payment out of New Zealand negate any effect it will have on the problem?

It is all deeply confusing.

…. hang on a minute, though:

Britain imports around 6% of its electricity needs over a year through interconnectors to France, The Netherlands and Ireland.

So, if Mr Green in Dover charges his car with electricity from France, who gets the carbon credits?

But then I read😕Quote.

The operators of Britain?s eight remaining coal power stations appear to have stepped in to exploit higher French prices, exporting power across the channel as temperatures have plunged. End of quote.

Monsieur Vert in Calais is now charging his electric car with British electricity generated by dirty coal-fired power stations.

Is he now gaining or losing carbon credits? Are we doomed or saved?

My head hurts …