What Ardern and Trump promised and what they delivered

Promises Donald Trump made:

  1. He said he would impose a 10% repatriation tax to bring jobs back to America and he did.
  2. He said he would withdraw from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and he did.
  3. He said he would withdraw from the Paris Climate Accord and he did.
  4. He said he would bring North Korea to the negotiating table and he did.
  5. He said he would stop over-regulation in order to jump-start the economy and he did.
  6. He said he would reverse Obama’s executive orders and he?has reversed a lot of them
  7. He said he would pull out of the Iran nuclear deal and he did.
  8. He said he would give tax cuts to middle-class Americans and he did.
  9. He said he would defeat ISIS and he did.
  10. He said he would recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and relocate the US embassy and he did.

Promises Jacinda Ardern made:

  1. She said she would close partnership schools and this month termination notices were sent to every partnership school.
  2. She said she would remove National Standards in education and she did.
  3. She said she would make tertiary fees free for post-secondary education or training and she?kept her promise
  4. She said she would increase the student allowance and she did.
  5. She said that the Salisbury single-sex?school for girls with disabilities would not be closed and she kept her promise.
  6. She said she would increase paid parental leave and she kept her promise.
  7. She said she would increase the minimum wage within the first 100 days. She didn’t manage that but she did increase it on the first of April this year to $16.50 an hour.
  8. She said she would remove the 8-year cap on student loans but she?did not keep her promise
  9. She said she would compensate schools who stop asking families for donations in the first budget but she did not keep her promise.
  10. She said she would plant one billion trees but her government is already more than 86 million trees behind schedule.
  11. She said she would ease the pressure of higher wages on small/medium sized businesses with a lower company tax rate but she?did not keep her promise. A tax working group has been established but there will be no tax relief for at least the next three years.