What is wrong with this government advertisement?

A guest post:

It?s all about NCEA, which is ?the main national qualification for secondary school students in New Zealand.? The advertisement appeared in the NZ Herald on 30th May.

Whaleoilers will notice that the Ministry is exploiting children as a means of informing us of its actions (although children are always called ?kids? by officialdom nowadays). They will also notice that the children educating us, and also the adults appearing in the advertisement, are all female. There will be a reason for this, but who knows what it might be?

One of the children may be a Maori or Pacific Islander, interestingly none is Asian. The token male student, as silent as kiwi blokes are expected to be, is more a young adult than a child. Unlike the girls, this young fellow looks puzzled rather than excited. There will be a reason for this, but who knows what it might be?

The baby boomers amongst us will remember the days when boys did better than girls at school. This problem has been remedied by the major feminisation of the education system to make it girl friendly. The remedy worked so well that it is now boys who are not doing so well at school. Is this perceived as a problem? Possibly not, given that the education system is administered at the senior level largely by women, The Secretary of Education, and eight of her ten Deputies, are women. And as we know, women dominate in the teaching profession.

As well as depriving boys of academic success a further unfortunate consequence of the education systems feminisation is that fatherless boys are faced with no male role models other than mum?s current partner. This may not be a problem for the education system but it is a major problem for boys.

The Ministry?s advertisement makes reference to ?six big opportunities? but gives no clue as to what these opportunities are. It informs us that all New Zealanders are involved in a ?conversation?, and Whaleoilers know where that particular terminology comes from. The advertisement informs us that, among other options, we can ?host conversations in your place of work.? Get it? The Ministry of Education is giving us permission to talk with our workmates about what they are up to.

After Whaleoilers watch the advertisement they will, unfortunately, be no further aware of how NCEA works and why or how it is to be changed.