What on Earth possessed so-called peace activists to plant a fake bomb in a theatre?

So-called peace activists, led by Valerie Morse who was one of those who thought running around in the Ureweras with assault rifles was cool, planted a fake bomb in a theatre in order to disrupt the screening of the film Ben Gurion. Newsroom reported: Quote:

In a scene that could have been from a film, police in Wellington last night removed a beeping black box from a packed cinema.

The box was chained to a seat in the Roxy Theatre by anti-Israel group, Peace Action Wellington to disrupt the screening of?Ben-Gurion, Epilogue,?a documentary on the former Israeli Prime Minister, David Ben-Gurion.

Police ejected?three or four of?protestors?who had got into?the premier of the Doc Edge film festival.

The?documentary is the?latest target?of the anti-Israel campaign that persuaded New Zealand singer Lorde to cancel her Tel Aviv?concert.

Peace Action Wellington claims the film is ?Zionist propaganda? and that the festival is breaching the cultural boycott of Israel.

Spokesperson Alex Davies said, ?this is state-sponsored propaganda the festival are planning to screen at the expense of people living under a brutal and illegal occupation?.

On the same grounds, another group, Palestine Solidarity Network, called for Victoria Hanna, an Israeli singer, to be ?uninvited? from performing at WOMAD earlier this year, without success.

Peace Action claims that the Israeli Embassy?s funding for the Israeli filmmaker,?Yariv?Mozer, to attend the festival makes Doc Edge complicit with the Israeli government.

?Withdrawing the film requires courage but it is the right thing to do and will?show that Doc Edge will not be used as a vehicle for racist propaganda.?

It is also aggrieved by the showing of the film on May 14, the eve of what Palestinians refer to as the ?Nakba?, or the ?catastrophe?, the date that Israel declared independence as a state in 1948. The following day Israel was attacked by its Arab neighbours Jordan, Egypt, Syria and Iraq.

The war lasted until February 1949 when Israel gained ascendancy and the UN brokered a peace deal.

The organisers of Doc Edge say the demand to withdraw the film is ?ridiculous? and an affront to freedom of speech, noting that neither the New Zealand Government nor any other is a party to a boycott of Israel.

Doc Edge chair, Glenn Johnstone, said the festival, “will not bow to pressure groups who seek to censor content on the basis that a film takes a point of view with which that group disagrees?. End quote.

Now that they’ve been outed as the perpetrators they are trying to minimise their actions buy describing the device as a “noisemaker”.

They are nuts. They should be prosecuted.

Good on the organisers for not bowing to their intimidation, bullying and threats.