What will National reverse and what will they keep?

Historically the National party do not reverse the policies put in place by the previous Labour government. Labour, on the other hand,?have no such hesitation. They slash and burn the previous government’s policies with gay abandon.

Look at Chris Hipkins who has cancelled national standards before even bothering to find a replacement. He is currently terminating partnership schools in a high handed and heartless manner and is planning to dismantle the entire education system even though he has no clear alternatives yet to replace it with. What he does have however is working groups for Africa as this government has outsourced its policy-making and consultants in Wellington are gleefully raking in the cash.

Credit: Luke

As we watch the carnage unfolding many of us want to know what the National party has committed to reversing once they return to power.

So far the only policy that Simon Bridges has committed to overturning (that I am aware of) is the termination of charter schools. It is an easy promise to make I suspect, as any of the schools that survive the bloodbath will be far too shell-shocked and traumatised to ever risk being that vulnerable again. Afterall, it was the termination clause in the last government’s contracts with them that made it so easy for the CoL to destroy them and National when in government was a lukewarm supporter at best of partnership schools.

The clause in Partnership contracts that made it easy for Hitman Hipkins to terminate their contracts

You will be interested to know that according to a press statement from the ACT party, Simon Bridges has not committed to reversing any of the following CoL policies: Quote.

Bridges wouldn?t commit to cancelling the $3 billion fees-free scheme that will deliver free degrees for?tomorrow?s?elite.

The Leader of the Opposition couldn?t guarantee that a Government he led would reverse the bright-line test/capital gains tax.

Bridges has never committed to rolling back the Government?s Provincial Growth Fund which will hand $3 billion in corporate welfare to the regions. End of quote.

National have proven themselves to be gutless when it comes to?reversing socialist policies when they return to power. John Key called Labour’s Working for Families policy ‘communism by stealth? and then not only did he keep the policy he extended it!

ACT?has said that they are “committed to reversing Labour?s tax and spend policies and delivering meaningful tax cuts as part of the next centre-right government” but until they achieve a solid 10% we cannot count on them to have enough muscle to be able to successfully pressure National to undo the damage.