When bias doesn’t pay the bills

CNN is massively anti-Trump.? For the last few weeks they have given Stormy Daniels and her ambulance-chasing lawyer unfettered access to the channel.? She has had a free ride.? It has reached and gone well beyond absurdity.? It is naked hatred and unrestrained bias toward Trump.

However emotional claptrap and undisguised animosity doesn?t pay the bills.? The result of their vitriol has been a collapse in ratings.

During primetime hours throughout May of last year, CNN averaged 1.12 million total viewers and 399,000 demo viewers – the advertiser-coveted 25-54 age demographic.??

During the first week of May this year, CNN averaged just 859,000 total viewers and 286,000 demo viewers, which represents a jaw-dropping collapse of 23 percent and 29 percent, respectively.

By comparison Fox is up 5%.? Fox is getting over three times the number of viewers and is winning in the battle for the big spending viewers that advertisers chase.

CNN is not just the home of fake news. It has led an openly hostile campaign against President Trump.? Jim Acosta the CNN White House correspondent is constantly needling Trump?s spokesperson, Sarah Huckabee Sanders and recently got several short shifts from her for proposing absurd scenarios and catch questions.

Regularly CNN and other ?fake news? media outlets have to retract news items.? They only do so when being sued is an option.? Many of the untrue stories around Trump?s connections to Russia have had to be retracted.? ??When an inaccurate report that Donald Trump had instructed Michael T. Flynn, the former national security adviser, to contact Russian officials during the presidential race was run by the hostile media, stocks fell and lawyers sharpened their knives.? At least that led to a dismissal of a journalist but mostly corrections or disciplining is avoided.

CNN has openly touted getting rid of Trump by whatever means, grasping each minor indiscretion as a basis for impeachment or imprisonment.? They have put the very worst spin on each event, picked maliciously on trivial nonsense like the colour of the President?s socks and conducted the nastiest campaigns against Ivanka and Ivana, the President?s son-in-law and any other family member they can locate.

The American population has had enough – they have simply swapped channels and now the advertisers are following them.? Pew research has CNN?s revenue at $1.2 billion and falling while Fox is soaring above $2.3 billion.

What is interesting is that despite the massive campaign of hate, despite endless media bagging of the President and his family, despite Trump himself making the odd faux pas and self inflicted wound his popularity continues to steadily climb.? He is closing in on 50% popularity ? a figure his media critics choke over and try desperately to explain away by any means no matter how inane.

It does something for one?s faith in the democratic process that the good folk in ?middle America? can see past the vitriol and undermining and believe that their President is making America great again, the swamp is getting drained, the weight of Washington influence is getting slimmed down, the environmentalists who were destroying the economy are themselves getting destroyed, that George Soros and Tom Steyer are losing their control, that Mexicans illegally entering the country are being stopped, that the UN will no longer get a blank cheque, that Trump can outsmart the North Koreans and the Chinese.

Meanwhile Trump himself couldn?t give a rat?s backside about what the media think.? He gives CNN and their one-eyed mates a daily bollocking on twitter and even thrives on the criticism, justified or not.?? He believes he has a job to do and he is doing it.? He doesn?t need the pay or the position ? he could leave tomorrow and be better off in all respects.? His self belief and the good of America are his motivation.

And people are noticing.? Except CNN and their media pals. And our own immature media.