When ignorance attacks

Cam likes to say that the world is full of stupid people. It isn’t of course but when he is?dealing with a person who lacks the depth of knowledge to be able to understand what he is saying I can sympathise with his frustration.

I read today of two very clever and talented men who have both been mischaracterized and misunderstood: one in Canada and one in New Zealand. In both cases, the person or people who misunderstood them either did not have the required background and knowledge to understand what was said or they chose to willfully misunderstand and misinterpret what was said.

Dr Jordan Peterson (Photos by Jonathan Castellino)

The first man is Jordan Peterson who has an incredible intellect and who I could listen to for hours. I may not have any of his professional knowledge and insights into what makes men and women tick but I do understand what he is saying and it is not at all what his critics say that he is saying.

POL Embassy in NZ
@PLinNewZealand 6 Dec 2017 Mr Gregory Thwaite, distinguished lawyer and President of @NZIIA_live Auckland branch, decorated with the honorary badge Bene Merito by Minister of Foreign Affairs W.Waszczykowski. In his laudatory speech Ambassador Gniatkowski highlighted Mr Thwaite?s unbroken support for Poland

The second man is Gregory Thwaite, a man who has a mind like a steel trap and who in my experience is a?complete gentleman in both his words and his manner.

I have created three headings:

  • What they actually said
  • The meaning of their words
  • What their critics say that their words mean

What Jordan Peterson said : Quote:

?He was angry at God because women were rejecting him,? Mr. Peterson says of the Toronto killer. ?The cure for that is enforced monogamy. That?s actually why monogamy emerges.? End of quote.

What his words meant: Quote:

Peterson is using well-established anthropological language here: ?enforced monogamy? does?not mean government-enforced monogamy. ?Enforced monogamy? means socially-promoted, culturally-inculcated monogamy[…] End of quote.

Peterson was not arguing that women should be forced to marry men: he was?arguing that socially-enforced monogamy results in more pairings, and fewer situations in which multiple women choose one man, leaving other men without partners.?

What his critics said his words meant:

The journalist who interviewed Peterson laughed at the term ‘Enforced monogamy.’ She wrote that it was “absurd” because she believed?that he was suggesting government enforced monogamy so that less desirable men would end up with partners.

What Gregory Thwaite wrote :

“the best party has women with a past and young men with a future”

The quote Thwaite used was from 19th century French writer?Honor??de?Balzac and was on an invitation to an annual dinner at the Wellington Club.

What his words meant: Quote:

“In the modern world, the quotation recognises the achievement of many women in middle age.? Further, women occur in a ?pairing, with younger men with ambition.? The linkage suggests the desirability of mentoring between an older woman and an younger man.?? A reversal of the traditional relationship.

“Given various female networks that encourage young women, they seem better supported than young men.? For example, they appear to be the majority in Law School.?? The publicity for the quotation may be a ‘wake-up call’ to slipping educational and career aspirations of young men. End of quote.

What his critics said his words meant:

One critic said that she was “personally shocked” another said it was misogynistic and illustrated problems rife in the legal world and yet another said “We condemn this – it doesn’t represent us at all”

In conclusion, I can only wonder if Cam had a very good point. Maybe the world is full of stupid people?