While Jacinda moans about fake news from National, her polling company creates its own

Jacinda Ardern has been moaning about fake news in relation to National party advertising: Quote:

Part of being a good opposition is attacking when you see the opportunity, then making hay while the sun shines.

National has been ramping up its attack ads ahead of the Government’s?first budget next week, but some may have over-stepped the mark.

The party has posted a new meme, claiming the Government would spend $1 billion funding foreign diplomats, at the expense of cheaper GP visits. But the prime minister has called this “fake news”.

The?”attack ad” is not an isolated incident.

National’s social media – particularly Facebook – has been heavily populated with memes and short videos opposing the Government’s policies, announcements, and calling into question?its plans and ability to stick to promises.

She does know that fake news is a Trump-ism, right?


On Thursday, prime minister Jacinda Ardern called out the National Party for manufacturing and spreading?”fake news”.? ??End quote.

Meanwhile the Taxpayers’ Union points out another piece of fake news driven by the CTU and her own polling company UNR: Quote:

The Council of Trade Unions? poll purporting to show a majority of New Zealanders favouring higher tax rates is a dishonest attempt to inflate support for tax hikes, says the New Zealand Taxpayers’ Union.

The poll, conducted by Labour pollsters UMR, provided two options:

a) the government should increase tax to at least maintain public services at their current levels into the future, or,

b) tax collected should stay the same while reducing public services.

Taxpayers? Union spokesman Louis Houlbrooke says, “It?s no surprise that a poll would show support for more tax when that?s framed as the only way to improve core services. However, the real world offers more options than the CTU?s loaded poll does.”

“We can always increase funding for core services by cutting waste and spending on the nice-to-haves. Obvious examples include cutting corporate welfare, cancelling free tertiary education, and better targeting welfare payments.”

“Further, a growing economy means increased tax revenue without the need for tax hikes. We could just resist wasting this revenue on non-essential election bribes every three years.”

“If the CTU?s poll had included these options, we can assume support for tax hikes would be far, far lower.” End quote.

No one does dishonesty and fake news like the left.

Jacinda Ardern should focus on other items of fake news, like that the government will plant a billion trees and build a 100,000 affordable homes. Now that is fake news.