Who is really in charge?

Katrina Casey

The Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, the Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters and the Minister of Education Chris Hipkins have said that the charter school transition will be easy. They are our elected leaders and we should be able to take them at their word.

This assumes of course that:

A) They are telling the truth

B) They are the ones in charge

Unfortunately, from where I am sitting, non elected bureaucrats like top Ministry official Katrina Casey have far too much influence and power. Casey, in my opinion, is trying to create a real web and charter schools are getting caught in it.

In a New Zealand Herald article, this quote stood out for me:

“The ministry will consider if the proposal meets the requirements of a designated character school and if there is demand for that type of schooling.

It looks at how the character is reflected in all aspects of the school, the school property, the potential impact the establishment might have, the cost to the crown and more.End of quote.

This is frightening. What on earth can the words “and more” mean?

Who is in charge of our nation? Is it a democracy or a TheoBureaucray where the unelected officials consider themselves to be omnipotent?

How can charter schools jump through hoops if they don’t even know what they are? What does ” and more” mean? Is this the deliberate all-encompassing loophole that will be used to justify denying most if not all of the charter schools the opportunity to transition?