Who said it : Quiz

When I decided to make this quiz my intention was to find things said by both Ardern and Bridges that were similar in outlook to make it difficult for the reader to tell them apart. Both are socially very liberal so I was hoping to find examples where they said similar things. I didn’t realise how hard the task I had set myself was going to be but not for the reason you would think.

When I searched for news items about Jacinda Ardern ninety percent of them were pure fluff. The focus was on her pregnancy, her baby, the babies sex, her relationship with her baby Daddy etc. There was a real shortage of actual political articles where I could find things that she had actually said about issues.

Simon Bridges, on the other hand, hasn’t managed to get that much news coverage since he became the leader and it was relatively lean pickings when looking for things that he has said. Nevertheless, I have put this quiz together but my disclaimer is that I found very little decent material to work with sadly.