Why can’t media and Labour see the crime correlation?

Stuff had a big story yesterday headlined “There?s less crime but more people in prison“.

They have some fancy interactives:

Well, duh!

It is simple stuff really, but Stuff can’t seem to get the correlation.?The left just can’t figure that crime is going down because more crims are getting locked up… not in spite of them being locked up.

It stands to reason that if you lock up ratbags and keep them locked up they are no longer out on the streets committing more of the crimes that put them in prison in the first place.

These charts show that the system is working. Being tough on crime works.

Unfortunately, the crim-hugging wombles out there think that because crime is reducing we can let criminals out. That is seriously wonky thinking. Most of the people in prison are in there for violent or sexual crimes. If they are let out they will likely commit more of those crimes, and so if Andrew Little gets his way he may well, literally, have blood on his hands.