Why Trump should turn down the Nobel Peace Prize


Back in July of 2015, I was over at a friend?s place for dinner and the conversation at some stage drifted towards the U.S. Primary campaigns.

Much laughter followed my assertions of what I believed would happen over the coming 16 months. Clinton winning the Democratic candidacy did not raise any eyebrows however my belief that Trump would win the Republican ticket did.

But I wasn?t finished yet.

I then went on to say that Trump would not only win the ultimate prize itself but also go on to become one of the most significant presidents the United States of America would ever witness.

Once my friends saw that I was actually serious their howls of derision began and didn?t stop for some time.

But I?ll give them credit, they did at least eventually hear me out in my reasoning.

I?argued that the United States was in serious debt and that the good old fashioned isolationist policy platform Trump was running would prove to be quite appealing, particularly to the blue collar workers in Heartland America who had seen their incomes and futures stripped away through the successive outsourcing of jobs overseas.

Add to this the understandable mistrust many Americans held towards the Clintons and the inevitable backlash against the politically correct atmosphere that the Obama administration had come to represent.

The rest is history and for me the overall result presented itself with a personal challenge of humility. To not be that person who says ?I told you so?.

Last week the unemployment rate in the United States dipped below 4% for the first time in almost twenty years.?Currently?the rate of African Americans without incomes is the lowest it?s ever been since recording began and new tax laws are putting more money in the back pockets of the working and lower middle classes.

On top of all of this, a conflict that has simmered for 68 years and the last vestige of the Cold War will soon be officially put to bed.

It is therefore inevitable that even some of the most deranged left wing nutters out there are beginning to finally wake up to the Trump phenomenon.

He?s even been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize. The following reasons are why I think he should turn it down but won?t.

The Nobel Peace Prize was first awarded in 1901 and has been awarded to some fairly notable people. One of the first recipients was Henry Dunant for his founding of the International Red Cross. Throughout the years however there has been a steady decline in?its perceived?integrity as other Laureates have swung between the ridiculous to the sublime. The ultimate proof of this award being highly politicised is succinctly summed up by the last POTUS to have received it.

President Obama took office in January of 2009 and by November of the same year had won this high order of recognition for the following reason: “for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples.”

He then went on to kill more unarmed civilians through the use of drone strikes than any other president before him, cause widespread chaos and destruction in the Middle East due to a disastrous foreign policy, and oversee the greatest racial division within the United States since the 1960?s and possibly even coming close to the race riots of 1919.

I think it?s inevitable therefore that the lustre of such an award would begin to wane given these objective circumstances.

Possibly the most apt response to the offering of such an award would be to turn it down in an unpublicised and humble manner.

After all, it’s not as if this prize really means all that much anymore.

But we?re talking about Donald Trump here.

If offered this prize Trump will accept it and do so for one reason only. He is at heart, I believe, a narcissist and there?s nothing a narcissist loves more than official recognition.

The chances of him even being put in this position however are remote to say the least.

Even a cursory glance through previous recipients shows a steadily increasing number of people who’s efforts towards such a laudable endeavour as ‘World Peace’ are based more on political expediency as opposed to any real work of significance.

These days its more akin to a ‘who’s who?’ in the pursuit towards?the even grander prize of a?global socialist government without end.