Winston says we don’t need the Maori option anymore

Winston Peters was unable to deliver on his promise to get rid of the Maori seats because he went with Labour.

But then a Maori MP decided to go full retard and try to entrench them. That opened the door for every man and his dog, including Winston, to have a say, and all at the same time that the Maori Election Option is underway: Quote:

New Zealand First’s Leader says he’s not surprised there’s been a drop in Maori electoral roll numbers.

Those eligible for the Maori roll are being given the chance to choose whether to stay there, or opt for the general roll.

More than 2,000 had left the roll after just a month into the Maori Election Option process.

Winston Peters says Maori have seen a massive increase in representation under MMP.

“Despite enormous publicity, Maori people are voting with their feet. Maori people see us as one country despite our various historical and cultural backgrounds.”

Peters says this result was to be expected.

“They have seen a massive increase in Maori representation under MMP, and they acknowledge it. After all, the Royal Commission said in time, MMP would prove to the Maori people that this was a better form of representation.

Peters says his caucus will be discuss whether to support a bill calling for the entrenchment of Maori seats next week.

Maori have until 2 August to decide which electoral roll they want to be on. End quote.

NZ First won’t support entrenching the seats.