With a little help from our friends, continued

Hi all my friends and supporters. I am off to theatre for surgery on Monday 14 and the surgeon tells me I will be in hospital for about ten days. Apparently, I have two problems that are interacting with one another. One took me really by surprise. I had cobalt (radiation) treatment in 1972 and this has quietly continued to affect me to this day, causing severe fibrosis (adhesions) which have got worse over the years. I was one of the survivors of the National Women?s ‘Unfortunate Experiment’ and the cobalt treatment was as a result of the lack of correct treatment over the previous ten years. So, it has come back to bite me after all these years.??

One of the nurse consultants I have seen prior to surgery suggested that I try to get more support and funding from either ACC or the Auckland DHB but ACC is not possible as it all happened before the ACC legislation came in to play and there are (I understand ) no retrospective payments. And, I really cant be bothered pursuing vengeance to get a payout. That would be so destructive of my energy and general belief in the good that exists in the world. The fact that a couple of really arrogant doctors made my life, and others’ lives, very unpleasant for a long time, doesn?t mean I have to relive that time. Those doctors are dead and buried, and most new up-and-coming doctors have learnt the lessons of that time. So, it would not be any use as an educative process. In fact, most doctors are so young they have never heard about this research experiment and how it changed medicine worldwide.

With your help over the last weeks I can now focus on the future well being of my body and soul.? It has to embrace the positive so I see this next stage of my life as a new and exciting one, once I get the next few weeks out of the way. With a bit of luck and good surgery I will have less pain than I have had for years and I will be able to go back to a full and happy working life and fulfil my dream. I may share that dream with you one day as the WO collective could be a great support team to make something really productive happen!

Thanks to you all for getting me this far. Your generosity and caring has meant I have been able to prepare for these next steps knowing so many of you support me.

Love and thanks to you all