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scuttlebutt (noun) – 1. (Nautical)
(a) A cask on a ship used to hold the day’s supply of drinking water.
(b) A drinking fountain on a ship.
2. (Slang) Gossip; rumour.

Source : The Free Dictionary

Etymology : 1805, “cask of drinking water kept on a ship’s deck, having a hole (scuttle) cut in it for a cup or dipper,” from scuttle “opening in a ship’s deck” + butt “barrel.” Earlier scuttle cask (1777). Meaning “rumour, gossip” first recorded 1901, originally nautical slang, traditionally said to be from the sailors’ custom of gathering around the scuttlebutt to gossip. Compare water-cooler, figurative for “workplace gossip” mid-20th century.