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phraseology (noun) – 1. The way in which words and phrases are used in speech or writing.
2. A set of expressions used by a particular person or group.

Source : The Free Dictionary

Etymology : In the early 17th century (1604) phrasiology (or phrasiologie) was the original English spelling of phraseology. There is no Greek noun phrasiolog?a, let alone phraseolog?a, but phrasiology is correctly derived from Greek phr?sis ?speech, enunciation, expression, idiom, phrase? and the combining form -log?a ?science (of).?

The current spelling phraseology ultimately rests on the Greek word phraseologia ?phrase book? of Michael Neander (1525-95), a German humanist, educator and philologist. Neander possibly derived phrase- from phr?se?s, the genitive singular of phr?sis. Phraseology entered English in the mid-17th century.