Workers of Whaleoil

How well do you know our wonderful Whaleoil workers?

Can you match the Whaleoil worker to the photo of their Whaleoil workplace?

We have 30+ workers at Whaleoil so for every post I will give you four possibilities to choose from.

You will also be given a clue.

Yesterday?s?wonderful Whaleoil worker was B) HookerPhil

Whaleoil office

Clue: I?ve been a reader and commenter on WO for 8 or so years, and love getting the good oil ahead of the crowd and the real story behind the story. My main interests are technology, fishing and being a road maggot. I defend lawful and considerate riders as passionately as I condemn the idiots that give us a bad name, and the same can probably be said about my driving.

Technology has been my career for 30-mumble years, and I try and find something useful each week, bearing in mind our demographic and fitting it around my work and travels. You can just see my mighty little FC390 in the picture, it?s a great fishing platform for my favourite spots ? Waihau Bay, Papamoa and the Coromandel.


A) Mike (Technology Thursday)

B) Mike (Map of the day)

C) Buzz E Bee

D) Crowgirl