Workers of Whaleoil

How well do you know our wonderful Whaleoil workers?

Can you match the Whaleoil worker to the photo of their Whaleoil workplace?

We have 30+ workers at Whaleoil so for every post I will give you four possibilities to choose from.

You will also be given a clue.

Yesterday?s?wonderful Whaleoil worker was A) Mike (Technology Thursday)

Whaleoil office

Clue:?I work full time to keep the government, the bank and starvation from the door, whatever is left funds my travel habit. I write my posts for?Whaleoil?from the dining table, the tablet gets pushed aside when it?s time to eat.? Behind me is a higgledy-piggledy collection of mementoes from previous trips, taken over many years.

I write posts for?Whaleoil?on whatever topic has caught my attention at the time. Whaleoil?is an oasis of sanity in a journalistic desert, and I appreciate the analysis and commentary of everyone that contributes. It?s truly a community.

A) Crowgirl

B) Isherman

C) Deb

D) Sally