Workers of Whaleoil

The Whaleoil newsroom during a busy afternoon

How well do you know our wonderful Whaleoil workers?

Can you match the Whaleoil worker to the photo of their Whaleoil workplace?

We have 30+ workers at Whaleoil so for every post I will give you four possibilities to choose from.

You will also be given a clue.

Yesterday’s wonderful Whaleoil worker was D) Christie

Whaleoil office


The short answer is that I love to write.??The long answer is that each piece of writing takes on a life of its own.??The story unfolds in front of me, sometimes taking me to a destination I didn’t expect, which can be magical.??But sometimes the thought dries up and I hit a brick wall.??When that happens, I have the luxury of putting the piece aside and picking it up when my creative juices have kicked in again.??This is usually the next morning because that’s the time when I am fresh and motivated. Each piece I write is my baby, and I’m not bothered if you don’t like it, because I do.

A) Orinjamba

B) Suze

C) Lushington


I will give you the correct answer on the next post in the series.