Workers of Whaleoil

How well do you know our wonderful Whaleoil workers?

Can you match the Whaleoil worker to the photo of their Whaleoil workplace?

We have 30+ workers at Whaleoil so for every post I will give you four possibilities to choose from.

You will also be given a clue.

Yesterday?s?wonderful Whaleoil worker was A) johcar

Here is the full blurb that johcar sent me. I had to edit it yesterday so it wasn’t obvious who he was.

“They say that a tidy desk is the sign of a sick mind…?I’ll let you draw your own conclusions based on my contributions to the Music Quiz and other various threads and topics…I started contributing the Whaleoil Music Quiz originally because Nige guilted me into it when I embarrassed him by pointing out a couple of errors in one of the quizzes he had put together at my recommendation.

I found it enjoyable (although it can be a bit time-consuming sometimes), so I continued. I learn a lot about all kinds of bands/artists while doing the research…?If you hadn’t already worked it out, my music tastes are somewhat diverse, but I do have a soft spot for late seventies and eighties music. And I don’t like to make it TOO easy for the punters, so if you can score 7 or above (out of 15), you’re doing OK.

I have some interesting quizzes planned but I usually read all the comments on the Music Quiz page, so feel free to suggest future topics, especially if you feel I haven’t covered your favourite artist yet.

I enjoy Whaleoil because I get to interact with some really interesting people, many of whom have differing outlooks on life and different opinions – some of which I also hold. And I find the quality of news (and people’s reaction to it) here on Whaleoil is far more balanced than I can find in the MSM.”

Whaleoil office


I’m another Whaleoil regular. I’m lucky enough to have my very own library to work from: it may be just a converted garden shed, but it’s my Happy Place. As you can see, I have a wide range of interests – some of which may surprise you.

A) Lushington

B) Lady Wellington

C) Sally

D) Korau