Yes Nanaia dear, that’s the general idea


Nanaia Mahuta, the Tainui Princess aka Nanaiapotamus, doesn’t want to build a new prison in her electorate because… if you build it, it will get filled up with prisoners: Quote:

The government may not be going ahead with the mega prison at Waikeria, after the Maori Development Minister said today they would not throw “$1 billion at a prison in Waikeria“.

In March, Justice Minister Andrew Little appeared on Marae, and said a decision would be made based on what Minister of Correction Kelvin Davis recommends.

He said a package developed by himself, Mr Davis and Minister of Police Stuart Nash would look at offending rates, the corrections system, the age of some of the prisons, “and what we need to do to make a more humane prison and corrections system in the long term”.

Appearing on TVNZ1’s Marae, Nanaia Mahuta was answering a question from National MP Jami-Lee Ross about what the budget meant for struggling families.

We aren’t going to throw 1 billion dollars at a prison in Waikeria. We want to put it into the regional economy,? Ms Mahuta said today.

“That will be something that will grow the economy, create jobs and opportunities that undoubtedly will see iwi benefit, will see Maori whanau benefit.” End quote.

Excuse me? Isn’t Waikeria in the regions? It would employ hundreds of staff, and boost the local economy, not to mention that building the prison would pour millions into the regional economy. But, she saved her most truly stupid comment for the end: Quote:

Broadcaster Miriama Kamo asked Ms Mahuta directly if that meant the prison was a no-go.

“Let’s clarify, did you just say there will not be a mega prison in Waikeria?”

Ms Mahuta said it was a matter for the Corrections minister to decide.

I think if you build bigger prisons, they’ll get filled.

That brought an almost immediate response from Ms Mahuta?s colleague, Finance Minister Grant Robertson who tweeted that no final decision had been made by Cabinet. End quote.

Yep, that’s the general idea with a prison, sweetie. Build it, then fill it up with ratbags. Soon enough crim-huggers will be moaning about over crowding in prisons and, when they do, we can point at the Tainui Princess and blame her.

She will be in trouble for not remembering that she is in government now and a minister, so when she speaks she is held accountable. Grant Robertson won’t be happy with having to correct the Tainui Princess via Twitter.

Our commenters picked up on this and her spastic’s logic. Wibble points out: Quote:

So why oh why are they building yet another hospital in Dunedin? For heaven’s sake Nanaia, it will only get filled with sick people! End quote.

Second Time Around adds: Quote:

If you don’t build them the old ones will just get filled even tighter. People don’t stop committing crimes just because the prisons are getting crowded. End quote.

Another minister showing she’s as retarded as Phil Twyford and Clare Curran. I’m starting to think that these ministers are in fact the quota for ‘special’ people.

Again, using her logic, perhaps if parliament removed the taxpayer-funded slop house she wouldn’t be as big as a hippo, because if you build places with pie warmers then people will eat pies.

Most of us believe that a prison shouldn’t cost that much. I mean, how much do land mines, tents and razor wire really cost?