You aren’t the only one sick of it, sweetie

Andrea Vance is a bit sick of the fawning over Jacinda Ardern: Quote:

Political reporter Andrea Vance said if Ms Ardern is shown to be faltering as Prime Minister once she has her baby, then it can and will be a story.

But up to now, the prominence her pregnancy has had in the media landscape has been oppressive.

“It was interesting when it happened, huge story, massive story. Should we be dwelling on it now?” Vance asked.

“When she has the baby, yes it will be a big political story, when Winston takes over it will be a big political story but we’ve had months and months and months of this and frankly I’m kind of sick of it overshadowing everything she does.

“The Europe trip should have been about foreign policy, it should have been about the momentous things that are happening in Europe that will affect New Zealand such as Brexit, such as the issues with Russia, such as Syria – and instead it was like look at her in her dress, and she’s pregnant and glowing, isn’t she fantastic.

“Oh, it drives me insane.

“I really started to resent how it impinges on our reporting of everything.” End quote.

Jacinda Ardern has set herself up for a massive fall because of her pie-in-the-sky naivety over pregnancy and working. Her ‘girls can do anything’ attitude might explode in her face.

Mind you, if she still thinks being PM is about photo ops, soft interviews and making viral videos then she will be able to cope admirably.

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