13 years old today

On this day 13 years ago I started the blog.

This was the first image on that post:

Every single item in that photo is no longer used. Though I think I might still have the Motorola flip phone somewhere.

The knife is lost, the phone dead, the car sold and someone nicked the Mont Blanc pen.

Lots has changed with the site over the years, and we keep on trucking on. It is fair to say that no one ever expected this to become a job, a career or that the blog would grow to have fulltime staff and over 30 volunteer staff who assist with all manner of things to make the site the powerhouse it is today.

I appreciate each and every one of my supporters, subscribers, fans, and audience.

So, today, though not a significant milestone, it is still a milestone nonetheless, as none of those who were blogging back when I started, save David Farrar, are still around today. Back then I was a nobody with a depth of knowledge on politics after a lifetime of observing it up close and personal. Today we are the biggest blog by far, with a loyal audience that even major newspapers would be envious of.

So, readers, supporters, subscribers, friends, thank you for 13 years of awesomeness.